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SCIENCE and society

Through science outreach projects, we take our research outside the lab and the university. We promote visits to the research sailboat Veleiro ECO, participate in events and give lectures to different audiences, including in schools, auditoriums or even in bars.  

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Atlanteco – Rio & Itajaí 2021
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During the passage of the sailboat TARA ( Tara Ocean Foundation ) along the coast of Brazil, we organized portcalls in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Itajaí, where schools and the general public could get to know the sailboats TARA and ECO – vessels involved in the AtlantECO research project. In addition to open visits to the public and educational exhibitions, workshops and lectures on different topics were also held. 

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2021 11  17 Itajaï_Educatif_Escale_Eco_DSC00431 ©Marin LE ROUX-polaRYSE - Fondation Tara O
sailing in science

The project Velejando na Ciência was created with the goal of bringing children, teenagers and adults of all ages to navigate in activities of environmental education and science literacy associated with the Veleiro ECO. Since 2017, we have participated in several events, such as Volvo Ocean Race stopover and science fairs, using different interactive materials to address themes related to marine ecosystems, and the impact and mitigations of human actions on the oceans. The main goal of this project is encourage a maritime mentality and awareness of the importance of the oceans, as well as transforming the reality of each visitor by increasing their environmental responsibility.

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Volvo ocean race - itajai 2018

In 2018, the Veleiro ECO had an exhibition stand at the Volvo Ocean Race event, in Itajaí-SC. Visitors were able to know different groups of zooplankton, observing it in magnifying glasses and microscopes, as well as some of the equipments used to collect oceanographic data. They were also able to play games and interact with materials related to plastic pollution in the oceans. 

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Bio at school 

The LCP also participates in outreach projects included in the Biological Sciences program, such as Bio na Escola, in which undergrad students share their knowledge about biology and research with students from public schools. Gabriel, Vanessa, Luisa and Mari took samples from our biological collection and other materials, such as plankton nets and magnifying glasses, to show some of the work carried out in our laboratory.

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